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Achieve Your Ultimate Dream Body

Thomas Tadlock has created a number of products and solutions to support you if you are looking to raise your metabolism, lose fat, build muscle, to create the body of your dreams. Thousands of people just like you, have followed these products step-by-step and built incredible bodies, fast metabolisms, and expanded their fitness and nutrition knowledge, while gaining the confidence of knowing how to create the body that they deserve in any situation.

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The Vegan Muscle Book (FREE!)

How to build muscle on a 100% plant-based diet. This includes the vegan nutrition and workout strategies that I used to gain over 10 lbs in 28 days.

The Truth About Metabolism Tele-Class (FREE!)


Learn how your metabolism is the key to unlocking limitless health and fitness!

Amazing Health Mastery Live 1-Day Intensive

Achieve absolute mastery of your health so you can smash disease, reverse illness, create unstoppable energy, become stronger, leaner and fitter at any age.

After this 1-Day Intensive course you will master the principles of healing with super market food. All food will be provided and you will eat what you are learning.

Amazing Fitness & Health 2-Day Mastery

Achieve absolute mastery of your metabolism & health.

This 2-Day Intensive course will teach you the principles of raising your metabolism to reverse disease, become leaner, fitter, and healthier faster at any age.

Metabolic Mastery Home Study Course

Achieve absolute mastery of your metabolism so you will never have to diet again.

This 3-week, 4-part, course can be conducted in the convenience of your own home. All that you need is an internet connection.

10 Day Vegan Tummy Tightener

Give Me Just 10 Days and You'll Shrink Your Waist And Lose A Dress Size

A fast, safe, logical way to lose inches fast on a vegan diet. Day by day workouts can be done at home or in the gym. Easy to follow vegan meal plan for shredding safe and fast. Our students have lost 0.5 to 3.75 inches in 10 days and you can too.

Vegan Muscle Project

Fast Muscle, 100% Plant-Based

The complete digital personal training system for building massive vegan muscle fast. Featured in and recommended by Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine!

Burn Your Belly Fat Tone Your Muscles Audio Seminar

Learn how to increase your fat burning hormones, build more muscle tone, burn more belly fat, and more.

Listen to Thomas Tadlock's record-setting seminar as he teaches you the programming of the human body. Gain a new perspective on how to increase your fat burning hormones; learn why consuming more fat may help you lose more belly fat; and discover new ways to supplement your diet and exercise program to help build more muscle.

Turbo-Shred Fat Killer MP3 Coaching System

Cardio Workout System That's As Simple As 'Hit Play And Go!"

NewsFlash: Your IPOD Can SHRINK Your Body By 2 JEANS SIZES In 14 DAYS. This IPod-compatible 30 Minute MP3 will turn your MP3 player into one of the most important tools for killing belly fat fast. The Turbo-Shred FAT KILLER Workout MP3, designed by Thomas Tadlock, one of the top 5 trainers in the USA, is like having him with you during your entire cardiovascular workout.

Resistance Travel Bands

The most versatile training tool you will ever use. (Same used at Express Results Boot Camp)

Travel Bands are extremely versatile, effective and portable! Effective in tight quarters and on the road. Shorter length (2') makes it versatile. These bands are necessary for the Vegan 10 Day Tummy Tightener. Ladies, I recommend purchasing 1 pink and 1 orange. Guys, I recommend you purchase 1 orange and 1 yellow.

Gliding Discs

A portable cardio + core building machine in one. (Same used at Express Results Boot Camp)

These discs slide easily on any carpeted surface, allowing you to do intense, fat-burning cardiovascular exercises. Strength building of the core and leg muscles are elegantly done with these discs. Butt-sculpting lunges have never felt so good!